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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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yesterday in terms of temperatures and not as breezy. it is right near 60 and his odd to get a week like this in washington in november. 43 degrees in martinsburg. 39 degrees in gaithersburg. a lot of sunshine today, around 60 for the high temperature and lettered north winds around 30 miles per hour. tomorrow will be like today, sunny entablatures near 60. we will of more in the forecast coming up. > there's a crash on the beltway in greenbelt. it is near the baltimore- washington parkway leaving fedex build heading toward the ikea. you will be able to get through relatively unscathed. cleanup of a crashed near potomac mills in virginia and only one lane is blocked and northbound looks decent. we go to the geico camera up to 70 traffic struggling out of frederick with a normal backup
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at 109. newschopper7 and a little bit but now to the news desk. the man accused of plotting to bomb metro train stations is scheduled to appear in federal court today. >> farouk ahmed was targeted in a sting operation. >> farouk ahmed has been in jail pending trial and is the arraignment this morning, a federal judge will set a trial date and farouk ahmed is expected to enter a not guilty plea. he is accused of plotting to conduct bombing at four metro stations in northern virginia which includes court house, arlington national cemetery, pentagon city, and crystal city. he was spotted with who they thought were two al-qaida operas and it turns out they were two undercover law-enforcement officers. 34-year-old farouk ahmed grew up in pakistan and emigrated to the
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u.s. in 1993. he has been living in northern virginia for the past few years with his wife and young son. he has been held in jail pending trial during the arraignment today at the federal court in alexander begins at 10:45 this morning. meanwhile, the wife of a homegrown terrorists pleaded guilty to trying to cover her husband's plans. the 20-year-old pleaded guilty that he tried to join a somali up version of a terror network. his wife who is 26-year-old pleaded guilty to making a false statement. she is a native of uganda and will be sentenced to probation and will be deported. it's a clock to is your time and four -- four more police of the serbs are now suspended pretty depart this tried to determine if they sought and failed to report that conduct by another officer.
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the officer was moonlighting at a party in beltsville when he had a college student and was suspended after words. investigators are searching for the gunman responsible for a deadly double shooting in northwest d.c. an adult and child were shot around 9:00 last night in the 1300 block of holbrook street. one person was killed. a recent report shows metro know about escalator issues weeks before an accident that left four people hurt. riders at four problem stations are speaking out. >> good morning, metro says following that report, they had plans in place to address safety issues. the big question this morning is it metro had immediately acted on those plans, could have
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avoided at least one incident that led several injured? metro riders say it is hard to rely on escalators per route the system, often broken or out of service. that is something that riders deal with but metro could be dealing with not dealing with issues fasten up. >> is a cast of a problem and not enough is being done. >> we reported on two run away escalators. the most serious was on october 30 at l'enfant plaza on which an overcrowded escalator sent four people to the hospital. that incident came exactly one month after an independent audit warned of serious issues included worn out wheels, ropes, and brake pads at both stations , dupont, foggy bottom, and bethesda. the results were not made public.
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>> they knew one month in advance, they should have taken action them not metro rep say plans were in the works, today, that work has yet to be done. we know the plans include replacing at least one as the letter here at dupont circle. this one is out of service and likely has been for some time for there are two more in service at dupont circle. metro says they are taking precautionary measures and they are going ahead and inspecting all 588 x of letters in the system. -- all 580 escalators in the system. looking at the day ahead -- a private memorial service will be held tonight for the american university professor sue marcum barry to was found dead in her home in glen echo last month. a teenager caught driving her missing jeep is considered a potential suspect. the tight race in the 11th
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congressional district and virginia will come to an end today. republican keith fiimian will concede the rest -- race to gerry connolly. charlie connelly leads by 980 votes. gerry connolly was released from hostile after experience -- dispensing discomfort during a routine exam president obama is now in indonesia for the second leg of his asian tour. he is currently holding meetings with indonesia's's president in jakarta. later he will deliver a major speech on religious differences. it is a homecoming of sorts as mr. obama lived in indonesia for a few years as a child. the trip may be shortened due to concern about ash from an erupting. >> 45 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8. the shocking link between cell
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phones and risky behavior. >> presidential memories after months of silence. we will have an inside look at the bush white house. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be
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welcome back, the time is 6:09 and it is time to check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we began with adam caskey and the letter on the forecast them another gorgeous day and it will be like this all week. we really lucked out this second week of november. we are seeing the big temperature swing this time of
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year? no, pretty straightforward every day this week. you can see from our camera that the sun is getting ready to come up. it is earlier this week than last week. 44 degrees at reagan national airport. the humidity is a 54%. there is a look at the bed. ay. 41 degrees in hagerstown, fredericksburg is 46 and chevy chase 43. warmer than what we had this time yesterday. sunshine today unseasonable are right near average for high temperatures, 60 degrees and tonight, clear skies, dropping down to 40. same thing tomorrow. we will have your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. traffic at of manassas is difficult. we had a minor accident that was moved to the shoulder right away.
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95 virginia southbound at potomac mills has a crest that is -- a crash that is gone. in college park there is a minor crash on the outer loop between the baltimore washington parkway and route 1. you can see what is left of that is on the right shoulder and traffic is moving at speed to get around it. we will go back to the news desk. more president george w. bush paused long awaited more hits the shelves today. it chronicles some of the biggest decisions of his life as well as his presidency. he talks about his decisions regarding the war on terror, the war in iraq, and hurricane katrina. he reveals that dick cheney offered to stay off of the republican ticket in 2004. the former president writes that dick cheney angrily confronted him over not pardoning 14 -- former aide scooter libby. 6:11 now and 45 degrees
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outside. >> coming up, short-term relief for the job market -- holiday hiring is looking good. >> it is an effort to promote pedestrian safety. i will tell you what local leaders are planning an arlington today. >> but first, color cue -- spreading and we will have the latest from haiti.
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a man accused of plotting with al-qaida to blow up several northern virginia metro stations is scheduled to be in court today agreed 34-year-old farouk ahmed is expected to plead not guilty during the hearing. he was arrested last month after a sting operation and is being held until his trial. metro was aware of problems
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with escalators one month before an accident at the l'enfant plaza station. the transit agency received an independent report on september 30 but the information was not shared with the public or with the the metro board the cholera epidemic in haiti may have reached port-au-prince. there are at least 120 expected cases. nearly 155 haitians have died. back here locally at 6:14, a pedestrian fighting for life after getting hit by a tractor- trailer near college park which happened late last night along i-495 per this is only the latest in a series of collisions between cars and people on local roads. people are raising awareness and we go live to brianne carter. >> unfortunately, we have seen a number of pedestrian-involved
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accidents across the metro region over the past few months. police are out here at this busy intersection. if you'd have been here a long wilson boulevard, you know it is a constant battle between cars and pedestrians trying to get across the intersection. it is part of this street smart campaign and police will be out here encouraging pedestrian safety. local leaders say campaign like this is needed more than ever since we have seen a number of pedestrian-related accidents. maryland state police confirmed last night a pedestrian died after being struck by a tractor- trailer along for 95 in college park. that accident remains under investigation. another accident early monday morning in southeast d.c., in that incident the man was found in the road near south capitol street and martin luther king jr. ave. there is no sign of the car involved there. in 2009, a local pedestrian or cyclist died every five days the
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effort here is to crack down and reduce that number. police will be out here in just about an hour from now. they will be here promoting safety for pedestrians but for drivers as well. thank you. bridge safety and maintenance inspections will leave lane closures this week. single lane closures can be expected during off-peak hours and work is scheduled on south capitol street bridge, the 11th street bridge, and the 13th street overpass over 395. the national park service wants your opinion on plans to improve security at the washington monument. thousands of people visit the structure every day making it a target for terrorists. the park service wants to build a security checkpoint. they have revealed five
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different plans and four of the offer and underground facility. new security rules have been put into place following the foiled mail bomb plot. all cargo from yemen and somalia have been banned. packages weighing more than 1 pound are banned from passenger flights. 6:70 is return and return to today's money scope report. googled gives away wifi. >> we begin your money scope report with the grim prediction for the job market. paul volcker says he sees no quick way to reduce our high unemployment. the former fed chairman expects low growth for the next year or more. one bright spot could be holiday hiring. seasonal hiring is off to its. storm starts in its
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this year should be much stronger. competition for these jobs remain stiff with so many people out of work for a federal reserve survey finds banks have loosened their lending standards for small businesses of the past three months the demands for loans are low because sales are still slumping. google is giving shoppers and early fall -- how they get. they are offering wifi on certain flights through january 2. that is your money scope report. 6:18 and traffic and weather every ten minutes it is warmer than what we had yesterday especially in outlying areas. this morning, we have the upper 30's. you will like this. >> i was born here but i lived in florida and i still have that same blood. >> many people still have that thin blood.
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it will be okay this way. let's start off with this almost beautiful sunrise. it is not until 6:45. that is beautiful right there. crystal clear skies again today and over the day, we have total sunshine. 45 degrees over the water. 43 degrees in rockville and herndon. mostly, we are in the 40's. luke 64 was the high temperature yesterday and today will be similar. los 60's locally, and upper 50's and outlying areas. the average temperature is 60 and we will be right around that for at in high temperatures today and the rest of the week and into the weekend. an area of low pressure off the coast line is responsible for power outages yesterday and parts of new england and some gusty winds and that will drift further out to sea.
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as for us, we have high pressure which is situated and affects us in washington. we are feeling the effects of that high pressure. it will deflect the act of whether around us for the next couple of days. 44 degrees at reagan national airport. we will be rising to near 64 high temperatures and not as gusty as yesterday. we will have a lot of sunshine. 40 again tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, back up near 60. it is a carbon copy every day through the extended forecast. we know the traffic changes every second in washington so let's check in with lisa baden. 95 and 66, things have changed. in and out of baltimore is uneventful and college park crash is completely gone. we'll take you live to a couple
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of geico cameras in maryland and virginia across the american legion bridge, moving at speeds. one more camera before you go outside and no worries across the 14th street bridge, the roosevelt bridge, and the potomac river looks great. we have 44 degrees outside and your time is 6:21. >> hyper-texting teens and bad behavior, we will have the result of a new study. >> opera goes one-on-one with former president george w. bush today at 4:00.
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>> o'clock 23 is your time. have news about efforts to keep elderly drivers on the -- sit on the road. more than one in five licensed drivers will soon be 65 or older. they are likely to have medical conditions that affect their driving. smaller cars and better roads may help them stay behind the wheel longueur. teens who text a lot may be engaging in other risky behavior. teens to text of what may be more likely to have had sex are used alcohol or drugs than those who don't send as many messages. the link between excess of text messaging and risky behavior is startling. a teenager in stafford,
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virginia is battling brain cancer but his family is getting support from friends and family and even strangers. >> the 16-year-old had risky surgery in september to remove most of a brain tumor. since then, he has received chemotherapy and radiation and his step mom and dad donated their sick time to be home with him for months. >> it has definitely been overwhelming but it also makes you realize how precious we are. >> i get to skip some school. i have an awesome teacher who comes to my house every day. i cannot see how i could have a negative attitude. >> he goes to school for half days and he is trying to focus on helping others as much as people have helped him. isn't that nice that his parents co-workers have donated their sick time? >> that is invaluable for them to be home with them.
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wonderful. >> i wish him lots of luck them a 6:25 and still another half an hour of "good morning washington." >> will tell you how the former tonight show host took over basic cable, colin o'brien next. >> president obama's latest stop on his asia tour has a familiar feel of home. that story is coming up. >> i am adam caskey and it is very ♪
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washington. we're glad you're joining us on this tuesday, november 9. >> we will have much more on that story in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. i said earlier, it is not very november-like. typically in november we see big swings in temperature up and down even within one week. we will not see that this week. it is pretty straight forward and we will be stuck in a stagnant weather pattern with similar conditions day after day. conditions are near average for temperatures but the average is usually extreme. this is a beautiful look outside. the sun will be up in 15 minutes. 44 degrees at reagan national airport and 43 degrees in manassas. there will be a lot of sunshine today and rate near 60 degrees. it will be sunny and right near 60 the rest of the week into
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next monday. there will be a slight chance of showers and next monday. plenty of volume of traffic on 270, 66, and 95 virginia and everything is open in and out of baltimore you can see that traffic is getting by an accident moved out of the way, that is key west avenue and shady grove. the headlights are on northbound 95 but it is open up to the pentagon. we have britain as their, prince george's police are on the scene of a homicide in landover. this is a live picture from newschopper7. investigators responded to a call of a shooting at 4:00 this morning in the 7500 block of buchanan street. they found a man with an apparent gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. we will bring you more details on this story as soon as we get them. man accused of plotting to
6:32 am
bomb metro stations had to court today. 34-year-old farouk ahmed was elected -- arrested last month that investigators say he thought he was plotting with members of al-qaida was -- but was speaking with undercover agents. pamela brown is live at the federal court house. >> good morning, farouk ahmed is expected to enter a 'not guilty' plea and alexandria. he was arrested on october 28 after being the target of a federal sting operation. authorities alleged that he thought he was plotting with two out that operatives to conduct bombings of four metro stations in northern virginia which included court house, arlington national cemetery, pentagon city, and crystal city. he's got it sites suggested using a rolling suitcase to carry out the bombing. it turns out that the two people he was plotting with were two undercover law-enforcement agents. farouk ahmed was born in
6:33 am
pakistan and came to the u.s. back in 1993 and has been living in loudoun county for the past two years with his wife and young son. he has been held in jail pending trial of the arraignment today which starts at 10:45 for a federal judge is expected to set a trial date. back to you. when did metro know about potential escalator safety issues? a new report shows the agency knew about issues one month before an accident that sent four people to the hospital. it shows potential issues in bethesda, dupont circle, would lead park, and foggy bottom. >> good morning, this is a perfect example at dupont circle of frustration. this escalator is out of service but you still have two more year in operation. metro representatives said they had a plan in place to install a
6:34 am
new escalator here at dupont circle and began testing the stopping distance on escalators. to this day, no work has been done. we know what happened october 30 at l'enfant plaza. that is when four people were sent to the hospital after an overcrowded escalator sped up and the brakes failed. we are now hearing that metro new one month earlier from the audit on september 30 on escalator safety issues. the report showed a worn out rope, wheels, and brake pads at dupont circle, woodley park and other stations. the staff did not share this with the board or public but in mid-october, and metro press release outlined work that they hoped to begin in mid-november. one metro members of that is the result of a preliminary audit. the full report was not complete very we now know that full
6:35 am
report was completed september 30. it was released to metro staff. metro plans to now begin precautionary inspections of all 588 escalators in the system. thank you. four more prince george's county police officers are now suspended pending an internal investigation. the department wants to know if they saw and felt to report misconduct by another officer who has been suspended as well the officer was moonlighting as a security guard at a party in beltsville when he allegedly hit a college student. investigators are searching for suspects in a deadly double shooting in northwest d.c. the adult and child were shot around 9:00 last night. one person was killed by the tories have not said if it was the adult or the child. > the battle for the 11th
6:36 am
congressional district will come to an end today republican keith fimian will concede the race to in, and gerry connolly one week after voters went to the polls. gerry connolly zero leases upon by 981 votes. this came hours after gerry connolly was released from hospital. the deadline has passed for first responders from 9/11 to accept faced settlement. more than 10,000 people involved in the cleanup of the 9/11 site filed lawsuit. they had until midnight to decide whether to except and $850 million settlement. 95% of the responders must agree for the deal to go through. we are following a developing story this morning as president obama returned to indonesia where he spent four years as a child than the president will spend 24 hours in that country. we go live with more on the president's trip to.
6:37 am
>> good morning, this is familiar territory for president obama this morning. he is in jakarta, indonesia, place he has not set foot in for more than three decades. it arrived early this. this he had an official greeting and now he is meeting with in -- the indonesian president. this is a place where he lived for four years as a boy. this is a homecoming of sorts but it is also a chance to visit an emerging democracy with the world's largest moslem population. mr. obama is scheduled to visit one of the world's largest mosques in indonesia and deliver a major speech on differences between the west and muslim world. in a couple of minutes, we are waiting for a press conference from mr. obama and the indonesian president. it will attend a state dinner tonight. we are told the president is not going to have a chance to go back to his old never let them visit the place where he lived from 1967-1971.
6:38 am
it is only a 24-hour trip and we are learning this morning that trip may be further shortened. they are worded that eruptions of volcanic ash pari the white house says they may have to shorten the trip tomorrow by couple of hours. we don't know if that will have to do that and if so how it may impact the schedule. we will keep you posted. thank you very much. we have a 44 degrees outside and the time is 6:38. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," , colin o'brien goes back to basics and basic cable. highlights from his debut. >> protecting pedestrians -- a crack down to raise awareness. >> another check on traffic and weather my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ]
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>> , good morning washington." 6:41 na am and i am meteorologist adam caskey. things have been straight forward this week weather-wise. a good, solid week of sunshine, high temperatures consistent everyday near 60. this is a great live camera picture of the pre-sunrise the
6:42 am
sky. the sun should be up and 3.5 minutes of the district. 44 degrees currently at reagan national airport. stanford is 45 degrees. bowie is 42 degrees. we are on our way to 60, as the sunny today. we are going to go to chevrolet, maryland and pulpit picture from newschopper7. 50 delays are leaving 410 and from 200 to to get to kenilworth ave. everything is open in college park and 270 as hefty volume southbound out of frederick into montgomery county, 95 virginia has delays from the dale city to springfield already and 66 delays are from manassas to centreville. o'clock 42 is your time. we have 44 degrees outside. >> coming up, a former president opens up, an inside look at the
6:43 am
white house under george w. bush. >> police will soon be in this busy intersection of arlington. >> police will soon be in this busy intersection of arlington.
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can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick. how did you compensate for the diminished light?
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very well, thank you. with features like compact long zoom, leica lenses, and intelligent auto, lumix cameras make amazing photos easy. >> coming up tonight at 5, it is a popular hair treatment, the brazilian blowout. is it safe? we will talk local salon patrons. tonight at 5:00. another deadly pedestrian collision this morning. a tractor-trailer hit a man along the outer loop near college park last night. no word on any charges. there have been in a series of
6:46 am
accidents between pedestrians and drivers recently and now local police are raising awareness with a crackdown. brianne carter is live in roslyn. >> good morning. police will be out here in this busy intersection in just a little while. this intersection at wilson boulevard, every morning there is a number of pedestrians and cars. police are trying to encourage pedestrian safety which is part of the fall streets to mark campaign. this is needed more than ever. we have seen a number of pedestrians involved in accidents in recent months across the washington region. maryland state police confirmed last night a pedestrian died after being struck by a tractor- trailer along for 95 in college park. that accident remains and under investigation. early monday morning in southeast d.c., not -- another incident. investigators say a man was found in the road at the intersection of south capitol
6:47 am
street and martin luther king jr. ave. there is still no sign of the car involved. in 2009, local pedestrian or cyclist died every five days. local leaders will come together today with police hoping to encourage pedestrian safety and encourage drivers to be on the lookout. the city of takoma park is battling the state of maryland over control of route 410 within city limits part of it slices through to come apart and that is ethan allen avenue as is in need of repair. the state has been intended for 50 years but the state determined that the, part of it and is financially responsible. the city says it cannot afford the expense. the president paz oil spill commission is holding another day of hearings into what caused the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. the panel laid out several decisions that they that they
6:48 am
said led to the disaster but they said there was no evidence that safety was compromised to save money. the april explosion killed 11 people and send more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf. >> is 6:47 and return to today's politico minute. george w. bush opens up. the former president is back with a new book. we take a closer look. it is interesting because we are perhaps getting more out of the former president that we may have expected that absolutely, i know i was surprised by some of the anecdotes that have come out. >> this is a big deal for presidents when they come out and write their memoirs. i don't remember as many revealing moments from president clinton's book. >> you mentioned a revealing moments. what in particular stood out to? >> the time when he admits he
6:49 am
made a mistake. these are big moments considering his book is called," decision point." he talked about the fly over over hurricane katrina and this stands out in the book that he regrets. >> he had a confrontation between dick cheney over scooter libby is a contentious point. will there be fallout from these revelations? >> i-map -- i think some people will speak out. i would be surprised if dick cheney comes out and says something but he could. it is portrayed in the book as being really, really adamant that the president did not pardon scooter libby. >> p. also mentions john mccain. >> they have a pretty contentious relationship. that is an interesting part of the bob. >> thank you very and
6:50 am
6:49 is your time and let's check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's take a look at the sunrise over the district. i saw the borrowers along the potomac. there is toll sunshine over the bed. there is a look at our temperatures and you will notice that it is not quite as call this morning as it was yesterday. 42 degrees in the district. the temperatures are pretty close to normal for this time of year. this is the big picture of what is going on. you'll notice the pen will rotation, counterclockwise, low pressure over the ocean. this is what caused a nasty wintry mix for parts of new england. they had power outages and wind gusts in parts of new england. that will slowly drift further out to sea and not affect us.
6:51 am
however, we have high pressure over quebec. it will give us this kind of weather throughout the week. it will be 60 today and clear tonight with temperatures down near 40 and tomorrow afternoon, the same story as today and it will not be as dusty as what we had yesterday. -- as a gusty as we had yesterday. sonny and near 64 the rest of the weekend into the weekend we have high pressure on the highway because of the volume on 270, 66 out of manassas, 95 from dale city to the brink of, 95 in and out of baltimore has a low pressure. live to newschopper7. they're flying over a crash in
6:52 am
landover near rte. 50 and traffic is getting by to the
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6:54 am
6:54 is your time and let's
6:55 am
check the top stores -- the man accused of plotting several metro stations is scheduled to be in court today. farouk ahmed is expected to plead not guilty during the hearing. he was arrested last month during a sting operation. >> we want to bring you live pictures of president obama was in indonesia for the second leg of his asian tour. the highlight of his visit will be a speech on bridging religious differences. it may be a quick visit because of concerns about volcanic ash. it will be a big night for tina fey. she will receive the mark twain award and steve martin and betty white are expected to perform at the event tonight. , and o'brien makes it go back to late night tv. >> after being bumped from his job at nbc, his new show made its debut last night on tbs.
6:56 am
>> people ask me why named the show'conan" i did it because it would be harder to be replaced thed. >> the show scored pretty high among people can't afford hbo. >> let's get a last look at traffic and weather. no major accidents to report right now. plenty of the volume out there this morning. there are a couple of thunder banners along the way. let's go to the 14th street bridge traffic. what a beautiful week it is. mostly sunny skies, highs ranging from 58-62 degrees. boring can be good and that is the situation this week. you can get your christmas
6:57 am
lights up the dow to turn them on yet. -- but don't turn them on debt. >> that will do for us this morning. we will have more news coming up at 7:26. >> "good this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
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